Jun 18, 2021

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What Is Clause , Phrase And Different Between Them

Hello everyone ! welcome to my series of articles on English grammar in a chronological order . In our previous lecture we have been discussed about the sentence and its different types now today we will discuss about the clause , phrase and basic different between them . I have started English grammar classes with the begging to advance and in chronological order every topic in proper detail and in very easy way . So let’s starts our today’s topic without any more waiting .

The group of words which make a complete sense is known as Clause . It has a subject , verb and object means that it has subject and predicate .

a, He has a chain which is made of gold .

b, We cannot start while it is raining .

c, I think that you have made a mistake .

Types of Clause:-

There are two types of clauses;

Those type of clause which depend on Object without the Object it never gives its full sense .

E.g.’ Although i was not feeling well’ , I went to school.

Those type of clause which never depend on Object , it gives full sense without the Object .

E.g. I sleep .

Its raining.

Such a group of words which makes sense but not complete sense is called as Phrase . It do not have Subject and predicate .

followings sentences are example of phrase;

a, Show me how to do it .

b, It was a sunset of great beauty .

c, There come a giant in my door .

proverbs were wrote as they are;

1- The sun rises in the east .


He has a chain of gold .

He has a chain which is made of a gold .

So we recognized the first group of words as a phrase . The second group of words , unlike the phrase of gold , contain a Subject (which) and a predicate ( is made of gold ) .

So such a group of words which forms part of a sentence , and contain a Subject and a Predicate , is called a clause .

So this is some about the Clause and Predicate , I hope you all get something new and easy knowledge by this lecture . Now if you like this lecture then touch with me and get more like this but if you have any confusion Or you have any advice for improvement of my classes then leave your advice in comment section.

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