Compose Or Arrange A Sentence

2 min readJun 17, 2021


Dear viewers ! today we will discus about a sentence composition

because sentence is a base of speaking and writing . And with the help

of sentence we can converse with others easily and properly . So let’s

start with the learning , writing ,compositions ,and the different types

of sentences with a best examples.


A group of words which makes complete sense , is called Sentence.

When we speak or write we use words . We generally use these words

in groups ;as ,

Jams is a very cute baby.


There are four kinds of sentences :-

1- Declarative or Assertive Sentence.

2- Interrogative Sentence.

3- Imperative Sentence.

4- Exclamatory Sentence.

So let’s start one by one in a detail;

1- Declarative or assertive Sentence :-

Those sentences which make Statements or Assertions is known as

declarative or assertive sentences.

Example ;

John and Jemmy sat on the wall.

2- Interrogative Sentence :-

These are those sentences in which the questions are asked is known as

Interrogative sentences. In these sentences sign of interrogation is used in

the end of the sentence.

Example ;

What is your name ?

OR where do you live ?

3- Imperative Sentence :-

Those sentences which express commands , requests , or entreaties is called

Imperative sentences.


Open the door.

OR Have mercy upon us.

Exclamatory Sentence :-

Those sentences which express sudden Or strong feelings is called Exclamatory sentences. In this type of sentences sign of exclamation is used in the end of the sentence.

Example ;

How cold the night is !

What a shame !

So this is the sentence and its different types I hope that all of you get some new and basic knowledge from this article now I will upload in my next lectures the composition of sentences which involves tenses , punctuation marks , part of speech etc . So get the lectures one by one in detail because I want to teach to my students in a chronological order and in a proper detail and make them the perfect people in English language and grammar .

I want to teach you from begging to advance.

Thanks for watching ……….




Hi there ! this is me Fahad Jan .I got specialization in English with a gold medal and I will teach you all about the English language , grammar and so on .